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The Mnemonics Crash Course


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What You Receive

A powerful memory, pure and simple. This is a  course about learning the techniques of mnemonics in order to remember stuff. I mean lots of stuff.


It is a tool box for learning whatever it is you want to learn. Taking you through basics like learning lists, numbers, facts and figures, to building memory palaces and remembering people.

Want to memorize pi to 1000 decimal places, no problem.

Want to remember historical events and their dates, no problem.

Want to flawlessly give a presentation to your boss with all the relevant facts and figures without notes, no problem.

Want to go to a party and remember the name of everyone you meet, no problem.

What You Will Learn

At least one list 100 items long

At least 100 decimal places of pi

The dates of roughly 40 historical events

The structure required to remember the names of everyone you meet

What It Is Not

It is not something to make you a "super-learner". It is not a magic elixir for creating genius. It does not make you limitless. There are no trumped up claims about what magical powers you can gain.


It is not a quick fix. Remembering stuff is taxing. It takes effort, but it requires a lot less if you know how to start. Human beings are extraordinary but you will need to put in the work to live up to that. The impressive feats of memory above are not so much extraordinary as just well trained.

What It Is

This is the start of a colourful journey into being smarter and wiser. Properly applied, learning can truly be much easier and more fun in just about any field.

After the course is done, if you want to learn new things you will still need to work but you will have all the tools you need and with time it will become easier and more of a habit.

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Distance Learning

Who Is It For?



Public speakers 

Curious people who just want to know more stuff

Just about anyone who wants a more impressive memory. Maybe you want to remember people's phone numbers, study for an exam, stop forgetting your to-do lists, or just really impress your friends with the mental gymnastics you can do. 

Who Am I?

I am someone who has played with these techniques in one way or another for many years.


I am inherently pretty lazy and don't much like the idea of rehashing dry information over and over again until it sticks. I much rather take the time to engage and learn something properly once, then endlessly repeat it.


I have used these same techniques to prepare for my exams, give presentations and chat with locals in foreign countries, in their own language.

My journey into memory is far from over. It is a working project as I learn more I will add more. What I have tried to do is to systematise its process so that you can get to grips with the skills it takes to develop a truly formidable memory.

Work Desk

My Guarantee

I get the trepidation about investing in digital courses. I always want some guarantee before I invest in anything. So here is mine.


If after 20 days you have not shown any improvement in your ability to remember stuff, I will refund you 100%. No questions asked!

You can't say fairer than that!


Why Is It So Cheap?

This is very simple. It is the first course I have ever developed. As a result it is a little rough around the edges and a working progress. However, it will improve over time and, hopefully..., the price will increase. If you join now your membership will encompass all the subsequent iterations of the Memory Crash Course. So I hope you jump in now and go on his journey with me.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, if you complete the course without showing any improvement in your memory, I will refund you 100%. No questions asked!

What If I Am On The Fence About This?

Perfectly understandable. However, consider this, what in your life would be improved if you had a better memory. Would you be better at your studies? Would you be more saleable? Would you be more impressive to your friends? Would you just take more pleasure out of the world because you could engage and retain more easily? 


I am certain I can help you there. If you don't believe me then try the free taste.

However, if by chance I can't help then you have my guarantee. No questions. No hard feelings. Nothing lost.

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